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Class of 2010

Aubrey’s Weight

Watching you argue over the success of another man, while you leasing and holding debt from another man.

The distraction was so attractive, why ponder and be proactive, when you could just veg out on the couch and react to it all.

Why question the facts and simply elevate, better to chill in your seat, watch, and delegate.

Not as if you had power, more an illusion of how you think you can handle it all;

one day, earning the status that you aspire, dreams of them calling you sire but you caught up in the world today.

I say this ’cause I hold myself to the same scale, and my flaws are crucified with the same nails. 

See this rhythm sounds more like an Aubrey vibe, but the truth is, this is more of a Killing Me Softly vibe.

If you got it, you get it; but if you don’t, don’t admit it; just know truth that I did it and you can’t ignore me at all

This is what I didn’t want it to be, more of a sermon to the reflection that was haunting the beast;

but it’s way too late, why not show the world how you carry the weight.



Sketch Series #1


A boulder statement than expected.

It’s as Natural as Wind, You and I

Digits interface with smooth stories written on skin and stone.

She whispers wind to my tree tops, shaking them of their fruit; gently nuzzling against each to guide its fall into her earth.

We exchange seasoned seedlings for scars and bruised promises locked in our own caves.

She shades her light as I command the stars to dance in her honor.

Nestled in the trunk of my soul, she relaxes in the hammock of my pulse. She tells me secrets she forgot to know, and we weave stories that have yet to grow…



The Easy Parts

  1. It does not help to seize desire because of impatience. Better to define talent and master skill.
  2. Understand knowledge and act on wisdom.
  3. Listen when God speaks to and through you; it is meant to make your life better.
  4. Repeat

“And I wonder, …

“And I wonder, if you know, what it means, to find your dreams’ve come true…”
*record scratch; Music stops*
No. I build them into my realities.


Bulletin Bored

  • A man who carries no belongings with empty pockets is a dangerous man; for what have he to lose. 
  • A man who carries no belongings with no pockets is an agent of chaos; for has he to gain. 

If you find me …

If you find me in a dark room Just know my perspective is developing

-Nation O. Images

A Rare Speech from Lauryn Hill.. She’s Dropping Lots of Jewels

One Word. #Necessary.

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Lauryn HillThis speech from Lauryn Hill given back in 2000 is nice, timeless and very refreshing..She seems to be light years ahead of her peers at such a young age.. as she talks about her spiritual growth, the music industry, being independent, being in service to your community, love and conquering the enemy within..

What stood out for me is her speaking about the importance of being righteous vs being right and how we can expect resistance whenever we root ourself in truth.

I imagine she still has a lot more to say..Its a shame the judge decided to make an example of her and remove her from her kids and make her endure the trauma of jail.



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Random Words with Specific Meanings in a Paragraph

It splinters the scene in silence; branching like an infectious virus attacking others, leaving cracks in its’ wake. At first, it is ignored. Treated as an insignificant spec of illusion that would disappear in the absence of thought. However, in nature of an infection, it spreads slowly antagonizing the roots of other seedlings, sending poisonous stems to flower at the surface. It is only when the trend begins to blossom in the garden do you realize the faults are intertwined with one another; breeding a misshapen reflection. Resolve: Address the fissures that leak your fears and spigot the stream and strain the pool for strength.

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