As thoughts do tangent reality…

by ibeamarioh

Rarely do they occur in such a linear fashion. However, a dawning light was shed when I discovered, for myself perhaps, that the purpose of life is to live. Simplicity in its’ rarest form, indeed, however the idea came, so simple yet so tangible. The sensibility that was evoked caused an awakening that was rich and revealing. All matter pertaining to what, who, when, where and why are addressed in the being. What are you living? Life. Your own presumably and to your liking and defined fruition, respectively. That is the media construct that man, rather the consciousness that is defined to be, operates his existence within. When you do live? You will always live now, in the present. All other points are referred to in reference to the present, past as to have be former and future to be a predicted expectation in a range of variable certainty. Where do you live? You live where you exist. Since living is a perpetual act, the act of living is physically carried out everywhere you take yourself. Therefore, you live where you decide to place your being, both physically and spiritually. Why do you live? You live because you have life. Circular logic but simply put. The scientific act can give reason, an emotional connection can give explanation, and religion offer a equally respected reason. However, by definition you live because you have life.

Now having dealt with the subtext that comes with the “great question” of life, the true depth and complexity can be addressed.  At the basis of all arguments pertaining to life, how you live your life, is at the foundation of man’s purpose driven discussion. This is where the simply complex paradigm is alive and organized chaos ensues. In defining this how society articulates right and wrong, correct and flawed as if life is a logical statement that can be deduced through laws, mechanics and concepts that are of life itself. It is as if I am going to explain the purpose of cooking with the ingredients origins. You cook to eat, you eat for a variety of reasons, as as you are born to live, and live in a great many ways. It is with this that I propose: define how you would like to live. Give rationalization and reason to your agenda and open each day, with a ripening joy that is sweeter than the last; having distinct taste that is everlasting and full.