I be. I am. I beam.

Month: April, 2012

When the well runs dry theres a loud thud at the bottom

Have you ever tried to deconstruct madness?
‘Tis as fruitful as sifting through rubble to organize piles of nothingness.


Out the Window, Midday

ever let your eye balls swirl?
you know they are solid but all you see is emptiness
conceivably a shine from the sun
is an imaginable light that softens the the rough reality
however it would only warm a cold atmosphere with a gentle yet transparent smile to give the belief that “life is but a dream”
an awakening must commence to shake the foundation of your settlement
this alarm shatters any preconceived notions that were happlessly given as a youth
you learn fairy tales are mutually exclusive to fictional novels
happily everafter, fairness and the moral of the story are anonmolies to understanding the probability of undergoing a useless process for the sake of tradition passed beyond its time is highly likely
in fact you’re most likely emersed in a multitude of methods and processes drowning in the buracratic micromanagement
busily frustrated with the extraneous details
don’t take it personally
floyd mentioned “you’re just another brick in the wall” and essentially you are
I am my family, friends, your family, friends weak ties, strong ties, anonymous undiscovered ties, etcetera an so forth
but hey you apart of a team a piece in a grandeos scheme…
feel proud!
do you?
if you do you’re an ignorant blissful boob who should work subservient homer jay.
ever wonder why the wall is being built and for what purpose?
don’t let life pass right by your eyes blinded to the truth.

Letter Opener: {letHer X openHer X heart}

can I evelope you in my love?
wrap you in my arms
surrounded in my warmth
can implant my heart in your soul?
grow together intertwine the strainds of our feathers as we fly surpassing height
with our pleasure
would you mind if it blossomed into the passion everlasting?
imprint my lips on the valley between your hips
with every lick I’ll sip the sweet nectur as you drip
I assure you I am equipped with tricks that result in flips
strokes that paint vivid colors as clear as the notes you utter
rather stutter since composure in your posture gets harder
I’ll pause to slowly saunter your elegance tittilate you as we elevate
with you bearing the sweet fruit men will never taste
side by side connected by the waist
motions perpetually reciprocate until souls observe the same space

My tears is tatted, my ra…

My tears is tatted, my rag in my pocket
I’m just looking for love, I know somebody got it
Champagne for the pain, weed for the low
Goddamn I’m so high, where the fuck did I go?
I’m losing myself, I’m stuck in the moment
I look in the mirror, my only opponent

Shawn Carter; Welcome to the Jungle

The Sight

I have learned what beauty is.

It is a pure spiritual uniqueness among each individual.

The ability to recognize that is fresh; the understanding behind their individuality is beyond comprehension

of the human.


Vanity fair isn’t truly and it is more so entertaining on the surface, however

Your soul calls to me in such a way that illuminates life echoing your essence as you breathe.

Each drawing me in with you natural glow.

This gravitation bounds me and I never want to leave your world.

Alien. In facade. Home. In truth.

We can exist in our own. Time is a variable, his laws don’t hold.

We’ve released him of his duties.

Only. You and I.

The only letters otherwise expound the affections thereof.



Live. Breathe.



A Fallen Stars’ Morning Yawn


In this wake of your eyes’ yawn                                                                                     As the Sunlight kisses your lids with the beauty in its’ presence

Unwrap the opportunity in your closet
Wear with the passion that defines you
Unfurl the dreams in your follicles
Paint them across your smile as you greet people on the streets
Let the excess puddle in your footprints
So that those riding your coattails behind you can swim in your joy                                                       Flounder in the wisdom you earned

Propagate the pleasantries that raised you                                                                                        Design shield with the outline of your scars

Wield sword from the bits of claw left that thrust you forward

Let Apollo stand in the sky to admire

Your Shine

Good Morning

Rise to let your Spirit Shine

Ancient Future


on a trip I took
I found myself
lost through time
my eyes weren’t my own
they were ancestreal.
I saw life in a span
through generations.
there was no individual
just existence.
technological advancement
intertwined with rituals

displayed as this artful tapestry of interaction

that breathed in unison 

beating in unity


Finding My Way Back – Jaheim

Song by Jahiem
Directed by Regina King

Personal (Remix) [1st Verse Only]
“once one, now we’re divided
immature to the growth I subsided
love lingers in my mind as the time ticks
unsure, comatosed inside this
reveal, I’m patient in your absence
long enough, healed my own wounds drinking absinthe
funny rolling dope won’t cope
comprehend it but I still smoke
so I
gotta find my way back, way back, to you
trying to find my way back, way back, to you
gotta find my way back, way back, to you to
us to love”

Flat Deflated Palpitations

flat deflated

no color aided
to revive
to revive love
passionate strokes
smooth and gentle
each back and forth motion
ebb and crest waving to the current
but no more
tis the past
what’s left is a listless glare
barely gleaming across the surface
still as an oppossum
captivating its audience with its mastery performance of death as he questions if his breaths are the wind whistling in passing
past tense
relax in the present
joyfully inspire the suns rays to dance across the tear drop stained rocks
drying from the strom that ship wrecked the relation
devastation occurred but suvivors do remain
to rewrite the tale and start fresh again
change the cast add a scene
direct produce change some things
clean the closets clear the bodies
add a wardrobe erase your follies
opportunity awaits with every breath
ensure you use them before there are none left



Streams of consciousness flow across my being. It is the shattering reality the imposes itself on to you in the form of repercussions. Under this nomenclature the responsibility that is accepted is denoted to be growth and attributed as such. That immobile moment where you stood juxtaposed for years on end relinquishes ties with the former for progress. For acceleration. It is this colossus engagement of temporal characters that buds with fresh self, aware of both prior and former. Progress ensues and thusly success.

These are the planes that compose of sheets of self identifiers that define the character as “self”.

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