Grappling Verity (Albeit, Lack Thereof)

by ibeamarioh

Consider this:

Lies don’t exist.
Only truth.

The lies that are acknowledged as lies
are only truth because the truth must be known in order for a lie to be known as such;
thereby, making all known lies “unacceptable” and or “unacknowledged” truth.
If a lie is a “true lie”, in which it is accepted as truth due to ignorance, than it is true until knowledge of the deceit is shown and made plain.

Therefore, lies do not exist.


This has probably been acknowledged to some extent by intuition. By definition, a lie is a falsehood, i.e. a false reality. However, an issue arises to which lies do exist in society, that is our reality, that have depth, portrayal, and motive. These lies are intermingled in your daily lives, draped and woven into your garments, seductively beaten across your eardrums and with, warm reception and adulation, charmed into your pupils.

This then begs the question: How do we address these “lies”? Who do we address? Should we address “them” in the present act or the past crime? Dare we prosecute on precedent and convict these nameless prevaricators on acts of ponder? Perhaps…

Yet, once square in the face of the tattered veil, having demystified the disillusion, can you grapple with the remnants? Can you hold the shards, seeped with anguish, having shred the shell of what you once knew exchanging it for the acknowledgement that is birthed into the present? Perhaps…

Perhaps, I have wandered into a delirium state that uses these words, concepts, and ideas as an elixir to quench a thirst for depth beyond the given puddles…

Perhaps,this has been a mere tangential adventure in the mind of the inquisitive.