Flat Deflated Palpitations

by ibeamarioh

flat deflated

no color aided
to revive
to revive love
passionate strokes
smooth and gentle
each back and forth motion
ebb and crest waving to the current
but no more
tis the past
what’s left is a listless glare
barely gleaming across the surface
still as an oppossum
captivating its audience with its mastery performance of death as he questions if his breaths are the wind whistling in passing
past tense
relax in the present
joyfully inspire the suns rays to dance across the tear drop stained rocks
drying from the strom that ship wrecked the relation
devastation occurred but suvivors do remain
to rewrite the tale and start fresh again
change the cast add a scene
direct produce change some things
clean the closets clear the bodies
add a wardrobe erase your follies
opportunity awaits with every breath
ensure you use them before there are none left