Letter Opener: {letHer X openHer X heart}

by ibeamarioh

can I evelope you in my love?
wrap you in my arms
surrounded in my warmth
can implant my heart in your soul?
grow together intertwine the strainds of our feathers as we fly surpassing height
with our pleasure
would you mind if it blossomed into the passion everlasting?
imprint my lips on the valley between your hips
with every lick I’ll sip the sweet nectur as you drip
I assure you I am equipped with tricks that result in flips
strokes that paint vivid colors as clear as the notes you utter
rather stutter since composure in your posture gets harder
I’ll pause to slowly saunter your elegance tittilate you as we elevate
with you bearing the sweet fruit men will never taste
side by side connected by the waist
motions perpetually reciprocate until souls observe the same space