Out the Window, Midday

by ibeamarioh

ever let your eye balls swirl?
you know they are solid but all you see is emptiness
conceivably a shine from the sun
is an imaginable light that softens the the rough reality
however it would only warm a cold atmosphere with a gentle yet transparent smile to give the belief that “life is but a dream”
an awakening must commence to shake the foundation of your settlement
this alarm shatters any preconceived notions that were happlessly given as a youth
you learn fairy tales are mutually exclusive to fictional novels
happily everafter, fairness and the moral of the story are anonmolies to understanding the probability of undergoing a useless process for the sake of tradition passed beyond its time is highly likely
in fact you’re most likely emersed in a multitude of methods and processes drowning in the buracratic micromanagement
busily frustrated with the extraneous details
don’t take it personally
floyd mentioned “you’re just another brick in the wall” and essentially you are
I am my family, friends, your family, friends weak ties, strong ties, anonymous undiscovered ties, etcetera an so forth
but hey you apart of a team a piece in a grandeos scheme…
feel proud!
do you?
if you do you’re an ignorant blissful boob who should work subservient homer jay.
ever wonder why the wall is being built and for what purpose?
don’t let life pass right by your eyes blinded to the truth.