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Month: June, 2012



Translation in Language: Balance of Beast

“te quireo”

however in truth, you make me want you.

“si yo pudiera hablar con tanta fluidez como le llevará mis labios para susurrar”,

instead, my portraits leak though typewritten ink and shaved graphite 

wrapped in the sips of curiosity at the bottom of my well wishes.

there too, is a fear, a frightful idea that my strength is not pragmatic for your depth.

I scratch the surface with fiend-like paws;


I leash myself, cage Mr. Hyde, because the passionate intrigue bites, 

with little to tame his brute behaviors.

fawning for the opportunity to reflect and overwhelm her in

what he does not know but vibrates in his very being, resonating.

“hombre y la bestia, luchando por hablar su idioma.”

If you don’t know you betta’ ask somebody! Maimouna Yousseff. Dope.

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Baltimore native Maimouna Youssef is a breath of fresh air at a time when far too many are stale with their desire to be good marketers and packagers, reality TV stars or an over-the-top controversial figure vs being a damn good artist.

Because Maimouna who is best known via her nickname Mumu Fresh, stays focused on exploring and highlighting her art as opposed to marketing herself, there are many who are reading this who will note they never heard of her.. That’s ok, its time to get familiar because the sista is no joke.

First you should know she’s a songwriter and producer. Yes, she gets busy behind the boards. Also, she’s a dope singer with a soulful angelic voice.

If that’s not enough she’s nice on the mic as an emcee and will definitely take your lunch money if you step to her wrong in a cipher.. She’s…

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Grammar Menstruation

I don’t like periods.

I should however, being a young virile man with an insatiable appetite…

For now that is not the topic of  this article.

The period ceases the former event to proceed.

In both cases, both in a menstrual cycle* and grammar syntax.

Yet even still in the moment of the period occurring in  menstrual cycle, as a man,

typically you receive/endure/witness the less glamorous perspective of women.

Needless to say, our pursuit continues, well my pursuit does, despite the adverse environment created by the period.

However, my personal qualm is with the period of grammar syntax. [.] (<—yes you)

My thoughts don’t end in complete and full display to a proper guide, yet my writing must fit to these rules.

The understanding is implicit: for your writing to be well-received, understood and offer compelling depth,

you must present your perspective ideas in a way that can be received by all willing and necessary to read your work.

Given this very fact, I still have a contempt for the period. It can be rather limiting in dismembering my continuity of ponder.

You see, my mind whips, whirls, wanders and tangents; explodes, contracts, fractures and merges.

The best way to give the most exact process and model of thought is to offer a recreation of that process through

run-on sentences, fragments and broken phrases.

Because that’s how the mind develops ideas, and organizes processes and piece puzzles to a picture.

At least, that’s how my mind fashions perspective.

Just thought I share.

Good day.

Natural Peace

its that comforting warmth when the mind is on clear.
it is that soothing whisper of natural innocence.
it hugs an embrace that seems to silence time;
for that moment, all is within harmony and still in motion.
it as if the clouds exhaled a calming clarity in the wind.
it is tickled with sparrow and blue jay conversations.
it hums with the cooperative rhythm of wings and antennae
going about their lives and the unification that blossoms;
like the dew drops kissing the rose buds
waking to the sunshine shower.
drenched in natural scientific beauty
captured in a droplet.
It is peace.
Natural Peace.

The Pharcyde – Runnin’

Can’t keep running away

“I was about to get real…

“I was about to get real pugnacious in this bitch if you didn’t say please.”

-S. Marie

Mild Lyricism

No apologies for the truth that I acknowledge, see

‘Cause Honesty is the one and only policy,

and Honestly you can be whatever you want to be,

just understand you must reflect your souls’ purity

just understand you must reflect your souls’ purity.  


When the plan comes toget…

When the plan comes together, and son shine break gray skies effort; just admit you understand rather than becoming a fair weather fan.

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