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A Rapper’s Delight

Wendy Day

By, Wendy Day

I celebrated Tupac’s birthday by watching Ice T’s incredibly cool documentary, The Art Of Rap.

I have to admit how surprised I was that it even made a partial mass theatrical release through AMC Theaters, because I can’t imagine the audience for a rap documentary about lyricists from the 80s and 90s would be a big draw financially. Having said that, I’m so thankful this movie was made because it was a very important film. For me, personally, it was bittersweet, like seeing old friends and realizing how great times used to be, but at the same time realizing you can never go back. Never. Time marches on and those awesome days of rap’s skill, art, and prominence are over. I shed a few tears over that thought.

The Art Of Rap reminded me for an hour and forty seven minutes of how passionate I once was…

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