A Little Truth I Struggle With

by ibeamarioh

Heart pours and a flood entrenches my thoughts

they settle in my flaws

drift in my desires

and ebb my goals at the coast of my ambitions.

To speak directly would be of encompassing ease

but lacking in full definition that extends beyond

the template that my lips can formulate to.


When I say “I like you”

there is a chance I am too afraid of saying

“It is a whirlwind of elated delight that draws you into my line of sight

independent of you orientation. The words that flutter about my shy smile

can not possibly give the glowing of your perfection, a reflection.

The aspiration to be kindred to you cardiovascular arterial palpations,

the wisp of refreshing life that runs through your pulmonary,

pulling us closer together.”

So, when I say “I like you”

I could mean the aforementioned statement.

However, sometimes “I like you” is just that:

an affectionate statement simply meaning, I find you attractive.

Maybe one day I’ll tell the truth.


Until then I’ll wade on my current dreams.