Grammar Menstruation

by ibeamarioh

I don’t like periods.

I should however, being a young virile man with an insatiable appetite…

For now that is not the topic of  this article.

The period ceases the former event to proceed.

In both cases, both in a menstrual cycle* and grammar syntax.

Yet even still in the moment of the period occurring in  menstrual cycle, as a man,

typically you receive/endure/witness the less glamorous perspective of women.

Needless to say, our pursuit continues, well my pursuit does, despite the adverse environment created by the period.

However, my personal qualm is with the period of grammar syntax. [.] (<—yes you)

My thoughts don’t end in complete and full display to a proper guide, yet my writing must fit to these rules.

The understanding is implicit: for your writing to be well-received, understood and offer compelling depth,

you must present your perspective ideas in a way that can be received by all willing and necessary to read your work.

Given this very fact, I still have a contempt for the period. It can be rather limiting in dismembering my continuity of ponder.

You see, my mind whips, whirls, wanders and tangents; explodes, contracts, fractures and merges.

The best way to give the most exact process and model of thought is to offer a recreation of that process through

run-on sentences, fragments and broken phrases.

Because that’s how the mind develops ideas, and organizes processes and piece puzzles to a picture.

At least, that’s how my mind fashions perspective.

Just thought I share.

Good day.