Translation in Language: Balance of Beast

by ibeamarioh

“te quireo”

however in truth, you make me want you.

“si yo pudiera hablar con tanta fluidez como le llevará mis labios para susurrar”,

instead, my portraits leak though typewritten ink and shaved graphite 

wrapped in the sips of curiosity at the bottom of my well wishes.

there too, is a fear, a frightful idea that my strength is not pragmatic for your depth.

I scratch the surface with fiend-like paws;


I leash myself, cage Mr. Hyde, because the passionate intrigue bites, 

with little to tame his brute behaviors.

fawning for the opportunity to reflect and overwhelm her in

what he does not know but vibrates in his very being, resonating.

“hombre y la bestia, luchando por hablar su idioma.”