Election Ques.

by ibeamarioh

Car horns never pierce your skin.

However, they can tend to be sharp at times.

Earrings do not nearly ring as much as the name leads on.

However, I am sure precious stones and metals would call a healthy amount of attetion.

Excuse the light description, but ears are currently being undervalued and underutilized.

In the wake of an election year, with a great deal of words being tactfully orchestrated to your personal “delight”,

please feel free to LISTEN to what is being said, how it is being said, when, where, and who is saying this

“wonderful and awe-inspiring message”.

Truthfully, what I ask you to do more so, is to listen to what is not being said.

No conspiracy plots afoot, or anything of that nature, just simply utilize a simple form of rational thought and common

sense. The reason I put an emphasis on “what is not said” is because, at least from my observations of people

marketing ideas, politics, and platforms, it is what is not said that truly has more long term effect on you.

I know, I have successfully marketed cable, internet, television, toothpaste, and sheer image appeal to thousands of

people. Its what I had had omitted (i.e. the fine print, if you will) that customers and patrons usually despised.

Remember these speeches are crafted by a group of people to cater to You.

Yes, YOU.

In your hipster style, wearing a vintage jean jacket and corduroy cut-offs with your brand new up-to-date cellular

device or rocking spiffy Nike tennis shoes, Marithe+Francis Girbaud jeans and snazzy portable Walkman radios to

play your groovy tunes.

For you, you, and everyone in-between.

Remember these are people who’s profession is to persuade, appeal, and to litigate on your behalf;

would it not be in your best interest to listen to them?

The worst that can happen is you make a well educated and informed decision that will affect your future.

Think about it.

Then Listen.