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Month: October, 2012


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Evan Sanders

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Thinking About You

You soul draws me in with a genesis like magnetism, articulating across every individual cell in a natural intrinsic language distinct to us and our God. Spirit weaves, writhes, and churns wax painted portraits into cracked seedlings; palms holding earth-fulls of life; peeling rich soil back for fissures of light that birth dreams into breathless moments where time bows in respect to you.

To me. To Us.

Rooted in the Knee

Rooted in the Knee

In this photo, the plant seems to grow from the joint. Nothing more.

Prey Hunt Eat

Could go ham and bacon, but then I won’t stop

savage on mic, a jungle of lyrics, *bone pop*

use it as a weapon for aboriginal war plots

drum beat, feet sneak, stalk prey, low, sleek,

drum beat, feat sneak, attack ’em in the spot: weak

stab, gash, repeat, red puddle under firm feet,

pray for the prey, their life is now our feast.


the serum doesn’t
cure my afflictions
however the deep breaths relieve
my symptoms
I know I can’t live this way
eyes red flying off the paper planes everyday
piloting my lifes’ aim
with a mind deranged
over the top but yes im there too
slowed down my progress wearing hermes’
I feel the pressure of it all
stressed hearing whispers saying not to fall
I guess that’s why I get lifted
no brain damaged im still gifted
though memories become milk carton kids
I been skidding by on half ass
but born to be the shit not past gas
words about ancient as them aztecs
history is repeated I play it and rewind facts

As a Civil Engineer, this article immediately “raised” my curiosity. Ha.

The Blog of Funny Names

Dr. Elbert Dysart Botts (1893-1962) was a California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) employee. Sound exciting? I think it does.

You probably didn’t know, but Dr. Botts is kind of the man. So much of a man, in fact, that he invented something you probably see almost every day. Ever heard of a Botts’ dot? No, it’s not a candy. It’s way better – it’s a non-reflective pavement marker!

Now that I’ve got your attention, let me explain a little bit. Botts’ dots are those small raised bumps that help to designate lanes on highways. But this post isn’t about the dots, it’s about Botts. Born in Missouri, Botts was a chemistry professor before being recruited by Caltrans. That probably makes him one of the only people to ever have such a “distinction” (I use that term very loosely). But Botts made the best of it. He led the Caltrans laboratory…

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Observation of an Observer: Chip in a Gap

Chip, and his family reside under my porch. I wonder does he/she sing? Or does he/she have tiny adventures that they sell to chipmunk Disney?


Dashiki Sundays

This is an idea I had while in Los Angeles last year. Respect. Homage.

More to come.

Pain then Joy


The Tango

Ours eyes would dance, to and fro

and my soul would whisper to my heart

“That woman, you see, she stands apart”

My mind would doubt

Little to my knowledge did that love grow…

ever growing…still

As it did, a life anew birthed.

23 years old with new born wisdom.

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