You Remind Me Of…Us

by ibeamarioh

I remember the day I recognized that it was you that I loved all along. I recall the countless times I felt your presence, unsure how to open myself up to you.

I remember when I said I love you. It was the day I remembered how to breathe. For a long time, I was using artificial apparatuses to mimic a natural exercise. I exhaled relief in finding you. It was when joy budded in the dark room that was my heart. *contraction* [I am alive.]

I remember the sequences of our story. The design is unique unlike fairy tales written by the Brothers Grimm. The substance is rich with integrity. There are no frogs, no magic, no dwarfs or evil witches, but there is a King and there is a Queen. Lost in the world, they found themselves in each other, calling out in loves language, “I am here. Look no further.”

I remember you from before I knew you. The scars. The tears. The wrinkles in your cheek dripping with laughter. The sunshine in your breath beating a distinct melody on my eardrums. My soul danced; ritually rejoicing.

I remember you eternally.

It was me, who I forgot. You are my reminder.

Of who I am. Of what we are.

Thank you.

I am forever thankful. I pay you in with illustrious living love. I sing to the Heavens.

I missed you.

I missed us.