Self fleS: Taped Cracks in the Mirror

by ibeamarioh

Rationality equates to a fallacy when jealousy appears in an analogy.

See, securing your insecurities are a liability when lying about your vulnerabilities. 

Vultures circle to mimic the cycle. Back and forth you go round about and thoughts drown your mind in doubt. Heart beats at the door, yelling “verily have faith!” but mind insists that only patients can wait, so you doctor your own remedy; a few sprinkles of deceit and a touch of envy.  Now the elixir is potent and you thirstily drink until the container is empty. Ironically, the bottled emotion explodes in a notion that expelled the exact feeling you were hoping to hold. Alone and cold, dazed and confused, it is not until sole does the soul see anew. With perspective aligned and mind refined, mistakes made once are in the past; a new time.

This is just the guy in the mirror reshaping my outline.