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Month: April, 2013

Random Words with Specific Meanings in a Paragraph

It splinters the scene in silence; branching like an infectious virus attacking others, leaving cracks in its’ wake. At first, it is ignored. Treated as an insignificant spec of illusion that would disappear in the absence of thought. However, in nature of an infection, it spreads slowly antagonizing the roots of other seedlings, sending poisonous stems to flower at the surface. It is only when the trend begins to blossom in the garden do you realize the faults are intertwined with one another; breeding a misshapen reflection. Resolve: Address the fissures that leak your fears and spigot the stream and strain the pool for strength.


“For so long as…

“For so long as thine females perpetuate thy affections in mine favour, the attention had for males in my opposition are no care of mine”

-Aubrey Drakespeare Grahamington

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