I be. I am. I beam.

Month: July, 2013

It’s as Natural as Wind, You and I

Digits interface with smooth stories written on skin and stone.

She whispers wind to my tree tops, shaking them of their fruit; gently nuzzling against each to guide its fall into her earth.

We exchange seasoned seedlings for scars and bruised promises locked in our own caves.

She shades her light as I command the stars to dance in her honor.

Nestled in the trunk of my soul, she relaxes in the hammock of my pulse. She tells me secrets she forgot to know, and we weave stories that have yet to grow…




The Easy Parts

  1. It does not help to seize desire because of impatience. Better to define talent and master skill.
  2. Understand knowledge and act on wisdom.
  3. Listen when God speaks to and through you; it is meant to make your life better.
  4. Repeat

“And I wonder, …

“And I wonder, if you know, what it means, to find your dreams’ve come true…”
*record scratch; Music stops*
No. I build them into my realities.


Bulletin Bored

  • A man who carries no belongings with empty pockets is a dangerous man; for what have he to lose. 
  • A man who carries no belongings with no pockets is an agent of chaos; for has he to gain. 
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