BTN LiveBIG: Evans Scholarships driving education home

Class of 2010

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The Evans Scholarship is one of the most prestigious awards available in the United States, and it has an influence over its scholars for not only the time they are in college but the years that follow. But the influence goes beyond the financial aid it provides the college students.

Evans ScholarsGolf caddies who demonstrate the proper academic performance, a zeal for activities outside of the classroom, and financial need can be awarded the Evans Scholarship from the Western Golf Association, and that scholarship covers all college costs for the Scholar for all four years of his collegiate career.

At 14 of the 19 schools that Evans Scholars can currently attend, the scholars get to live in the Evans Scholarship chapter house, where they get to cohabit and grow with the Evans Scholars who came to school before them as well as with the ones who follow. Nine of those areā€¦

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