I be. I am. I beam.

“And I wonder, …

“And I wonder, if you know, what it means, to find your dreams’ve come true…”
*record scratch; Music stops*
No. I build them into my realities.



If you find me …

If you find me in a dark room Just know my perspective is developing

-Nation O. Images

“For so long as…

“For so long as thine females perpetuate thy affections in mine favour, the attention had for males in my opposition are no care of mine”

-Aubrey Drakespeare Grahamington

Passion is the fuel that …

Passion is the fuel that drives life. Passion is the catalyst for innovation, inspiration and musings.

She is mine.

So with this light feeding me off its luminosity, I redefine reality; my perception begins to leak and rose gardens pour into meadows of beautiful lives seen before time knew me.
Hello Again. A gain.

-Artem E. Tasteslyfe

Ever met a woman who make…

Ever met a woman who makes you be a better person at the mere thought of her? yeah. So have I.

-Love Struck

“I was about to get real…

“I was about to get real pugnacious in this bitch if you didn’t say please.”

-S. Marie

When the plan comes toget…

When the plan comes together, and son shine break gray skies effort; just admit you understand rather than becoming a fair weather fan.

Mr. Subtle Vengeance 

Perfecting my imperfect w…

Perfecting my imperfect ways gaining flaws with the succession of my goals.
Waking up to my dreams and my nightmares.
Facing fears. Eyes wide open with courage running down my face.

-Prof. Moe. T. Vayshon

Ear.ring: I am listening…

I am listening. The omens. The universal language.
I receive them. Comprehension is [ ]
-Just that; lacking/struggle/an experience that is living achieved through personal being.

In the Midst

Evolution – Courtesy of Darwin

My dreams tend to leak out of my eye lids when I wake. I finger paint them into thin air, as they breathe in “what is yet to be” and exhale “what is sure to come”. Drips of blood, sweat, and tears are swirled with opportunity persistence and dedication. Passionate focus helps to keep the sight of imagination framed and expanding; a paradox.

My eyes are vessels that rest on the tangent of the undiscovered and the given atmosphere. The apparitions swim in the liquid that flushes them out that of world below. Breaching the surface, they sprout limbs, close their gills and sprint into the distance, leaving footprints as a path for the generation behind him. Each following steps behind the original, changing orientation accordingly.

Ever growing; ever flourishing.

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